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The Friedman update

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, whose clear-eyed analysis of the widening Middle East war have been so valuable since Oct. 7, sat down with Ezra Klein for an hour-long podcast last week. Highly recommended.

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  1. Dane Claussen

    Um, no. Friedman is heavily biased in favor of Israel, and continues to be optimistic about Israel behaving morally and ethically when there are NO reasons to expect that. He always gives Israel the benefit of the doubt long past when it’s sensible.

    • Stephen Walker

      Nutty Yahoo held up a map of the Middle East in Sep 2023 in a speech at the UN which shows no West Bank, no East Jerusalem, no Gaza. The goal was clear. The current govt of Israel wants to eradicate Arabs and Palestinians. Does not justify killing innocent people in Israel or Palestinian Occupied Territories, but I don’t understand why the US supports a right wing government in Israel. Oh wait, yes I do – the AIPAC and Israel lobby. Remember when AIPAC welcomed Trump to speak at their convention and cheered him? The famine and disease are coming for the 1.2M homeless in Gaza. Israel receives more US aid than any other country.

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