Bedford Depot

Twenty-three-mile-plus ride, mostly along the Minuteman.

Cape Cod Canal bike path

Great ride today on the south side of the Cape Cod Canal bike path, almost exactly a year after we rode the north side. We had to make our way through a stiff headwind on the way back, but otherwise it was a beautiful day with lots to see.

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Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

Eighteen-mile ride this afternoon along the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, from Acton to Chelmsford and back. I didn’t start taking pictures until the return trip, so this is north to south.

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Willowdale State Forest

I took a six-mile hike in Willowdale State Forest in Topsfield on Saturday. And for th first time in ages, I managed to avoid getting off the trail in the confusing northwest section. Beautiful day for a hike!


Swag from the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston, discovered in the cellar last week. Expiration date: April 6, 2005.

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Biking in southern N.H.

We had a great time with friends Saturday on the rail trail in Salem, Windham and Derry, New Hampshire — 18 miles total. There was even a nice little outdoor lunch place along the way.

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Mile Brook, Topsfield

Along Perkins Row in Topsfield, in the middle of an 18-mile ride. This is Mile Brook, looking north.

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