Q comes to the Texas border

This paragraph appears near the end of a story in The New York Times on Hispanic Republicans:

“I was following along the family tradition, my dad is a hard-core Democrat, my father was really for unions, and I thought the Democrats defended the union,” Ms. Rivera said, before adding: “But then I started to research myself and found out the Democrats are supporting witchcraft and child trafficking and things like that, things that get censored because they get labeled conspiracy theory.”

Along with another story about an anti-vaxx school in Miami that’s run by a socialite Trumper, I think I”m just about all set for today.

3 thoughts on “Q comes to the Texas border

  1. Deborah Nam-Krane

    You don’t even know (or maybe you do). I just found out that two of my relatives are refusing to get any COVID vaccine, one because she believes she already had it, even though most public health officials have cautioned that doesn’t provide immunity, the other because… I have no idea. Perhaps not shockingly, the first relative also voted for Trump in 2020 after reading some subset of WikiLeaks and being convinced that, yes, Q was a real thing, never mind the anti-Semitic undertones of the whole phenomenon (we’re a Jewish family).

    I’m not *done*, but I definitely need to re-calibrate my bearings.

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