The great newspaper retrenchment of 2012

I’ve got a piece up at the Nieman Journalism Lab predicting that 2012 will be the year of “the great newspaper retrenchment” — an embrace of paywalls and tradition, and a deliberate turning-away from the need to reinvent a business whose long-term prospects remain bleak.

Nieman’s “Predictions for Journalism 2012” series is well worth checking out. I plan to sit down and read them all when I get a chance.

One thought on “The great newspaper retrenchment of 2012

  1. Mike Benedict

    Dan, what struck me about the series — your essay excluded — is that each author seemed to posit what he or she hoped would come about in 2012, vs. building a case for what actually could happen.

    I realize that the format was slanted toward sentence vs. thesis, but the evidence on which they built their respective cases was slim, indeed.

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