Dear Next Owner of the Boston Globe …

On the eve of what may be an announcement that the New York Times Co. is selling the Boston Globe, editor David Beard weighs in with a smart piece for Poynter Online on “10 hopeful points about the future of journalism.”

Although perhaps Dave missed Dan Gillmor’s 11th rule.

5 thoughts on “Dear Next Owner of the Boston Globe …

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Newshound: The problem is that though Beard’s ideas are smart, they’re not really geared toward making money.

  1. lkcape

    One wonders if the prescription that Mr. Gillmor has written is so good (and sintuitively so), how come journalism has failed to embrace them to date?

    Is it all the fault of the guys in the suits with french-cuffed whites shirts or do the practitioners of the art share the blame with them?

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