Talking about Ted Kennedy

Sometime in the next hour I’ll be talking with old friend Charles Adler of CJOB Radio in Winnipeg about Ted Kennedy’s legacy. Some of you may remember Adler from his days at Channel 68 in Boston, back when Boston University was trying to turn it into a news and public-affairs station.

You can listen to us here.

2 thoughts on “Talking about Ted Kennedy

  1. tobe

    Wasn’t the program titled, “Adler Online”? Many of us aspiring pundits were grist for the mill on channel 68.

    1. Dan Kennedy

      Tobe: You’ve got it — “Adler Online” it was. And it still is. Yes, it was a great way for TV newbies like me to get our feet wet. I remember WRKO started simulcasting his show toward the end of his time here. A good guy.

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