EveryBlock in Boston

The New York Times today has a too-brief story on hyperlocal Web sites that attempt to aggregate local news down to the neighborhood level. The focus is on EveryBlock, founded by the noted programmer-journalist Adrian Holovaty, best known for creating ChicagoCrime.org and the Washington Post’s Congress Votes Database.

The EveryBlock site for Boston is down at the moment. (Noon update: Now up.) When I’ve checked it out in the past, it has struck me as intriguing, but not ready for prime time. Enter a zip code and you get a pastiche of blogger, media and government information that doesn’t add up to a whole lot. But it’s easy to imagine its growing into something pretty useful.

2 thoughts on “EveryBlock in Boston

  1. Adam Gaffin

    It’s what cityofboston.gov should be, but frequently isn’t. When it does come back up, compare the restaurant inspection listings on both sites.

  2. Adrian Holovaty

    Yeah, we were down for a short while this morning, for a reason unrelated to the NYTimes link — it was a case of bad timing, unfortunately.We’re back up, though, so check us out again.Adrian @ EveryBlock

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