Gmail and its discontents (II)

Problem solved, although not the way I would have liked. I’m now using Apple Mail to pull in my Northeastern mail (via POP) and Gmail (via IMAP) separately. I’m able to use Northeastern’s SMTP server off-campus as well as on. So all of my outgoing NU mail contains official-looking header information, and will thus not be intercepted by anyone’s spam filter.

Oh, well. Apple Mail’s not so bad, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Gmail and its discontents (II)

  1. ben

    NU mail, at least for students, also support IMAP, which I generally prefer. I experienced the same issue as you with regards to the headers. NU Information Services has actually considered switching to gmail for all NEU student mail, but last I heard legal issues/liabilities were holding the process up.

  2. Dan Kennedy

    Ben: Yes, NU mail does support IMAP. My current thinking, though, is that I want to pull all of my NU mail off the server and then sort it with Gmail labels.It would be wonderful if NU would simply switch to Gmail.

  3. Boston Venerable Bede

    I too use Apple Mail and have a Gmail and Professional account, all as IMAP. I move my mail to folders that act as labels. Good luck

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