How old is Rocky?

New York Times: “Since he was last seen 16 years ago in ‘Rocky V,’ this two-time former heavyweight champion, now pushing 60 (Mr. Stallone’s age), has evolved a philosophy of the ring that befits an older, slower athlete.”

Boston Globe: “‘Rocky Balboa’ is about a 50-year-old boxer’s last shot at glory, but it clearly represents the 60-year-old Sylvester Stallone’s attempt to climb back in the ring after a career that has dwindled into inconsequence in the past decade.”

2 thoughts on “How old is Rocky?

  1. R. Scott Buchanan

    In the first film, somebody (one of Apollo’s entourage who isn’t Duke) says Balboa is 29. Assuming real time and film time map roughly 1:1, the Italian Stallion should now be 60.

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