First thoughts on “Greater Boston”

I’ve received e-mails from several people today asking when I’m going to comment on John Carroll’s piece about paid political bloggers that appeared this past Friday on “Greater Boston with Emily Rooney.” I wasn’t on last Friday, and I’m just catching up. Here is the clip in question:

The “Beat the Press” panelists — including me — will talk about it this coming Friday, so I’m not going to say much until then. Of course, my conflict of interest is obvious. Carroll is a colleague. He’s an honest and ethical journalist, and he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Carroll did make a mistake in believing this satirical post on claiming that several well-known bloggers were actually aliases used by yet another well-known blogger, Jerome Armstrong. But the first rule of satire is that lots of people won’t get it. Media Nation is known to be a land of high density, and if I had been in Carroll’s shoes, I can easily picture myself making the same mistake.

David Kravitz of Blue Mass Group, who was interviewed for Carroll’s piece, is unhappy, as he tells us here and here.

The bloggers seem to be notably unflustered about Carroll’s larger point, which is that some of them (not BMG) are on the take from political campaigns, and some of them don’t bother to disclose that.

Instant update: This post on the Weekly Dig blog is pretty amusing. But, Joe, watch out. The satirical post was by someone named Jonathan Singer, not Armstrong. Get ready for several dozen comments accusing you of being a clueless running dog for the MSM.

52 thoughts on “First thoughts on “Greater Boston”

  1. Brian Maloney

    Hate to ask an obvious question, but why weren’t there any bloggers on this particular panel discussion? And I mean real bloggers, not newspaper guys who dabble a bit on their publication’s website between deadlines.The ongoing problem with “Beat The Press” is that it’s so obviously the exclusive domain of Boston’s stuffy, tiny and very outdated media establishment. This panel was having a debate over the blogosphere that other pundits wrapped up two years ago.

  2. Bob Neer

    Hi Dan. I linked to this thread in the comments to my Penance Friday post that you didn’t like. Good luck with the grading.

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