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Vote for me

Tip O’Neill said you can’t win if you don’t ask for people’s votes. So today I’d like to ask if you’d consider voting for Media Nation in BostInno’s Insider Awards. You can click here or on the blue box to the right. Scroll down to “Higher Education.” The deadline is Wednesday. Thank you.

Calling all advertisers

I am renewing my request for an advertiser or advertisers who’d be interested in the top-of-the-page banner. Would I accept political ads? Yes. In fact, the vertical Google ad slot features politics from time to time. I don’t want to be partisan — in a perfect world, for instance, I’d have ads for Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren alternating in that space. But let’s talk. My email address is dkennedy56 at gmail dot com.

Media Nation seeks sponsorship

Would you like to advertise on Media Nation? I would like to hear from you. Media Nation is a Greater Boston blog that offers commentary on local and national media and politics, as well as occasional diversions into sports, culture, photography, technology and even dwarfism. Nearly 1,000 people visit Media Nation each weekday. For more information, contact me at dkennedy56 {at} gmail {dot} com.

Want to comment? Use your real name, first and last.

I’m not sure why, but I’ve been getting an unusual number of comments lately from people who don’t seem to realize we have a real-names policy, first and last, at Media Nation — even though the first thing you see in the comment box is “Have something to say? Your real name, first and last, is required.”

Here is our commenting policy in more detail. And here is an interesting post on the good results news organizations are having when they turn their commenting system over to Facebook.

Media Nation seeks a new local sponsor

If you’re a Greater Boston business person and would like to help sponsor Media Nation, I’ve got a deal for you. To place a banner ad at the top of the page, please contact me at dkennedy56 at gmail dot com. You’ll be alternating with the Boston law firm Prince Lobel, whose ad will continue to appear in that space.